Parafield COVID-19 Coronavirus Officially Declared Over by South Australian Government

Professor Nicola Spurrier announced that the threatening COVID-19 cluster in Parafield is finally over. South Australia’s Chief Health Officer said that the group could have resulted in a lockdown if it didn’t simmer down. The decision came in after the authorities recorded another day with zero cases.

According to Spurrier, the Parafield cluster isolation lasted for 28 days. Despite their decision over Parafield’s condition, Spurrier still said some areas in Australia are still at risk, especially in some parts of Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Parafield’s isolation started on November 14 due to a positive COVID-19 case, which happened in Lyell McEwin Hospital. The person that tested positive was said to be a patient in the said hospital.

Aside from that, there is also an assumption that the case that sparked the isolation was because of a crew from Peppers hotel and Woodfire Pizza Bar.

One positive case could trigger more within just a couple of days due to COVID-19’s high-speed infection rate. The authorities have determined that 33 people are infected with the virus, which then prompted the state to issue a lockdown, which was initially proposed to last for a total of six days.

The cluster wasn’t that massive compared to other states, but in total, 5000 people are told to go to quarantine. However, not all of these individuals have tested positive; the authorities decided to go the quarantine route to ensure that the infection rate wouldn’t double or increase.

Between November 26 and November 28, 3 cases have been added to the people that are infected. One of which is a case through local transmission, and the remaining two are already in quarantine.

According to Professor Spurrier, restrictions on the border are still in effect, and those hailing from Greater Sydney are required to be quarantined for 14 days. Spurrier added that these restrictions aren’t going away anytime soon and will continue as long as the virus is still looming above Australia.

Health workers are also now able to go mask-free while on duty. Parlor and hairdressing services practitioners are also allowed by the authorities not to wear any masks while working. Professor Spurrier still motivated people to wear masks if possible and think it is necessary. Besides, wearing masks has already been proven to help curb the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic infection rate.

Parafield, along with other Australian areas, are still in very tight security, especially when it comes to their borders. The government particularly wants to lower the number of inspections brought by those from different locations.

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