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We Make World News More Personal

We know news matter to you. In today’s information-driven world, we’re constantly bombarded with data, numbers, stories, and ads that affect our way of thinking and living. With so many information and news websites, we basically get exhausted of it. Don’t we wish we had just one hub to go to for all the information and news you want to know?

This is the reason why we started Ezinearticleshq.com as a response to make news your news. With a competitive team of editors, journalists, and writers, we collect, curate and deliver the most relevant stories of the day for you. Our list of news sources is the most trusted and reliable across the globe. What’s more, you get to pick your own sources of information. You also get to rank and rate various information sites which helps our special algorithm system define and select the news for you.

We also have a string of reporters, vloggers, and specialty writers that can deliver specialized content for you. We cover various niches and topics that cater to your own interests and lifestyle.

Ezinearticleshq.com is about you. You get to pick what you want to read, listen or watch. We deliver to you the latest world news in your own Top 10 list, podcasts that cater to your interest, view photos and videos from lifestyle bloggers and influencers, and even receive personalized news to your email.

Our editorial team is composed of seasoned professionals who’ve worked for prestigious news networks and websites. We operate 24/7 in collecting and curating news items that fit our subscribers. Initially starting in a small office in New Jersey, we’ve now grown into a team of 60 people with satellite offices in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. With a growing list of subscribers, we plan to expand to more locations including South America, Australia, and Africa. We currently offer our services in five languages: English, Chinese, Arabic, French, and German. We are also exploring multilingual options for over 10 languages in the next few years. Ezinearticleshq.com is also accepting submissions form independent contributors with excellent credentials and experience. We also work collaboratively with various organizations to help ensure that our news remains transparent, free from political influences, and unbiased. We do not offer opinion articles and editorials because of this pledge. We accept advertorials but subscribers may choose not to include these in their personal news feed. Ezinearticleshq.com continues to innovate its curation of information and news.

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