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5 Basic Cues that Puppies Should Learn: Pre-requisites for a K9 Training in a Puppy School in Northern Beaches

A K9 training program in a puppy school comprises of a series of steps. Usually, each step in a K9 puppy school in Northern Beaches can’t be completed without completing the step preceding it. A puppy needs to learn the following basic cues before succeeding in being trained as a K9 canine: 

  1. Teach Your Puppy to Come When Called 

Stay in one place with your puppy, and say the word “come” to call out his attention. Before sending your canine to a K9 puppy school in Northern Beaches, train your puppy to recognize it when you call out his attention. Give your puppy a treat as you say the word “come” to maximize the chances of quickly getting his attention. Thereafter, leave a treat on the floor for your puppy to enjoy once you’ve gotten his attention. 

  1. Teach Your Puppy to Loose-Leash Walk 

“Heel” pertains to the situation in which your puppy walks on your left side, and his head is evenly located with your knee while you hold the leash in a loose way. Such a term is taken from a storehouse of words from the puppy school in Northern Beaches competition obedience training. Training your puppy to loose-leash walk minimizes the chances of your canine of throwing tantrums, and being impatient and aggressive when they face unpleasant situations. 

  1. Teach Your Puppy to Sit 

Stand across your puppy while showing him treats. A puppy school near me and your area likewise teaches puppies to sit this way, and has a stock of different canine treats. When your puppy accepts a treat from you, step sideways to motivate the canine to stand, then, wait for him to sit. 

  1. Teach Your Puppy to Lie Down 

The initial steps in teaching your puppy to lie down are the same as those in teaching him to sit. A puppy school in Sydney, just like your own puppy training, reinforces your canine’s behavior by giving him a treat after lying down. 

  1. Teach Your Canine to Stay in One Place 

A puppy who is familiar with the stay cue will remain still in one place, sitting or standing, until you verbally say the “release word” to give a go signal for him to move. Give your puppy a treat as you say the “release word” to easily get his attention when you give him permission to move. Mobility is one thing that’s essential for a K9 puppy, as it safeguards the safety of communities. 

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