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3 Steps to Determine If You Need to Call the Gutter Cleaners

There are close to 2 million private dwellings in the capital of New South Wales today. As with every household in Sydney, roof and gutter care is an essential part of home maintenance. Rain gutters are components that complement a roofing system. They act as your property’s defense mechanism against storm and water damage. But not all households pay particular attention to this aspect of their home… until they foot repair bills that cost up to AU$5,000 or even higher (depending on how bad the damage is). 

Gutter cleaning services in Sydney definitely don’t always come cheap. That is why it is important to inspect your gutters at least twice a year and after every heavy downpour. Doing your own roof inspection safely can be a preventive measure and save you thousands of dollars in repairs. But before you pick up the phone and call for a gutter repair service, make sure to do these simple steps ahead.

Identify the type of roof and gutter 

Designs of roofs and gutter in Sydney vary greatly. Homes are not all uniformly constructed unless you live in a housing block or a subdivision owned by a developer. Depending on your roofing system and design, gutters can be half-round or K-style with material made from copper, aluminum, or some other material. Determining the type of gutter is crucial in knowing how to approach the way of cleaning and repairing (if needed). 

Inspect for debris and other litter

The next step is to safely do an inspection of your roof. There are two things to look out for when inspecting: 1) the state or condition of your roof and gutters and 2) debris, particularly leaves and dead animals that clog your leaf screen and downspouts. If you have an older roofing system, check for rust and holes in the gutter and downspouts. Holes can cause water damage to your home. For both new and old homes, it is important to eliminate debris that causes gutter clogs. Most of the time, this can be handled with ease. But for more complex situations like downspout clogs, it may be wise to call for gutter repairs in Sydney.

Assess the work to be done

If you are living in Sydney, roof and gutter repair prices may vary greatly depending on how much work needs to be done. While some can hack it with a DIY strategy on YouTube, some will entail a more rigorous solution of hiring gutter cleaners especially when cleaning will take longer than a day. This is also applicable if repairs are needed. Do not attempt to repair a gutter on your own unless you are completely sure how to do it. 

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